The types of natural-fibre rope supplied

It's a personal thing but I really don’t like to see a piece of rope with a long, straggly, frayed end.

Here I’ll show you 3 alternatives. Remember, you can’t melt together the ends of natural fibre rope, it catches fire!

Taped end
This is the standard finish, in fact when I cut your rope I will first tightly wrap PVC tape round the rope then cut through the taped section.

The effect may be workman-like but it is quick and easy, if you are cutting your own ropes it's probably what you will end up with. Whilst a taped end can last for years it's worth checking and replacing the tape if it gets a bit ragged, do this before it breaks and the rope has frayed out.

Whipped end
For me this is the best looking way to finish a rope end.

Basically a thin thread or twine is tightly wrapped, many times, around the rope, just short of the end. I use a Common whipping which is fine in most cases but if you are looking for something that will be a bit more robust then I can apply a more complex and secure whipping. If you would like instructions on how to tie a whipping then I am happy to give them.

Spliced end
Splicing is a very ancient art, it creates a beautiful effect and it is actually much stronger than tying a knot.

Whilst there are probably hundreds of different splices the most common type used on a natural fibre rope is the eye-splice which creates a neat, secure, permanent eye in the end. This is perfect if you want a loop so you can drop the rope over a hook, or it can attach the rope to a fitting. 

We really would need to chat about exactly what you are trying to do before you order a spliced rope as we need to allow for things like the size of the eye. The drawback of a splice is also its big benefit, once its done it is very secure. It can be hard to re-do so we need to be doubly sure about any measurements.

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