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The types of natural-fibre rope supplied

Here you will find the prices of my stock ropes along with various pieces of technical and practical information, like just how much rope do you need to tie a knot? If you are after a size or type of rope that isn’t listed, eg Coir, then please give me a ring and I will sort out a price for you.

This table lists just my stock ropes. Please visit the page Finishing the rope ends if you would like to see what Whippings and Splices are.

Diameter Price per m Price per Whipping Price per Splice
6mm (1/4") Manila 55p £1.50 £2.50
8mm (5/16") Manila 70p £1.50 £3.00
12mm (1/2") Manila £1.30 £2.00 £4.00
18mm (3/4") Manila £3.15 £2.00 £5.00
24mm (1") Manila £4.95 £2.50 £5.00
28mm (1 1/8")Manila £7.15 £3.00 £6.50
32mm (1 1/4") Manila £8.95 £3.00 £7.50
36mm (1 1/2") Manila £11.00 £4.00 £9.50
48mm (2") Manila £18.75 £5.00 £12.50
6mm (1/4") Jute 50p £1.50 £2.50
8mm (5/16") Sisal 55p £1.50 £3.00
4mm Flax 50p £1.50 £2.50
6mm (1/4") Flax 65p £1.50 £2.50
8mm (5/16") Flax 95p £1.50 £3.00
10mm (3/8") Flax £1.45 £2.00 £3.50
12mm (1/2") Flax £1.95 £2.00 £4.00
18mm (3/4") Flax £4.25 £2.00 £5.00
24mm (1") Flax £7.85 £2.50 £5.00
32mm (1 1/4") Flax £11.75 £3.00 £7.50

These are Retail prices so you do not need to add VAT. I offer Free Carriage to mainland UK for all rope orders over £35, smaller orders are charged at cost, up to a maximum of £6 extra. Delivery is via Royal Mail Parcels or FedEx courier and usually takes 1-5 working days. Please ask for a quote for delivery to other areas and also for Trade pricing.

I prefer payment direct to my bank account and can email you an invoice with the details. Or you can ring me with card details. Or you can post me a cheque. Goods are despatched after receipt of payment.

As I really want to make sure you are ordering exactly the right rope for your project I would much rather talk to you about your order so I do not offer on-line ordering. Give me a call and we can work it all out, or email me with your number and I will ring you.

TIP: Manila rope often comes out oversize so you might be able to buy a thinner rope than you thought you needed. For instance many of my customers have quite happily used 32mm Manila when they initially asked for a rope to be 36mm in diameter.

Technical Information
Please note that all sizes as approximate and the metric-imperial conversions shown are just a guide. Whilst the ropes are made to the stated metric size they often vary from this, usually they are thicker. I always advise my customers to check the measurement of their actual piece of rope before drilling fixing holes etc. Please bear in mind that the sample you may have had in your warm, dry house for months can be noticeably thinner than a length of the same size that has come from a different coil and which may have picked up some moisture. Please visit the page Shrinkage and how much rope do I need? for more on this.

Diameter Breaking Load, Kg Approx. Dryweight Kg/m Length needed for an Overhand Knot
6mm (0.25in) Manila 245 0.03 10cm (4in)
8mm Sisal   0.05 15cm (6in)
8mm Manila 545 0.05 15cm (6in)
12mm (0.5in) Manila 1070 0.1 20cm (8in)
18mm (0.75in) Manila 2450 0.21 31cm (12in)
24mm (1in) Manila 4600 0.38 43cm (17in)
32mm (1.25in) Manila 7900 0.67 55cm (21.5in)
32mm (1.25in) Flax   0.68 52cm (20.5in)
36mm (1.5in) Manila 9600 0.85 64cm (25in)
48mm (2in) Manila 16800 1.58 85cm (33.5in)

Overhand KnotThe figure for Breaking Strain is for when the rope is new. As you can see Manila is a very strong rope and your roses are very unlikely to snap it. The lengths given for an Overhand Knot are given without including anything for the Tail - which you will need to pull on when tying the knot. This figure is shown separately. I have done this for those of you wanting to place knots in a run of rope rather than just at the ends. Remember the figure for the length of the rope Tail is a minimum suggested amount.

TIP: If you are placing knots in each end of a short length of rope you may struggle to get enough slack to tie the second knot, in which case I suggest you allow extra for both the Tails.

Clove-hitch KnotFor those of you wishing to tie your ropes to posts using a clove-hitch I am compiling a table for how much you need depending on the shape and size of the posts. I will add to this as I can but if you want to use a rope and post combination that is not listed then please give me a ring and I will find the answer for you.

Rope size 70mm round 90mm round 4in square 4in round 120mm round 5.5in square 6in square
24mm Manila 0.72m 0.82m   0.89m 1.02m    
32mm Manila     1.17m 0.96m 1.15m 1.46m 1.61m
36mm Manila       1.05m 1.20m    




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