In the left hand photo, 32mm Flax rope is used to create a handrail for a spiral staircase in a water tower. It is spliced onto the top and bottom fittings and secured along the wall using metal eye bolts. The building, on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, has been converted into holiday accommodation. The photo on the right shows a flax handrail in a more modern setting. Each end of the rope is finished with a manrope knot and the fixings were made to order by James at Holkham Forge. Contact Neil for more information and advice if you are planning a similar staircase project.


12mm Flax has been used to recreate the rope handle when renovating this old sea chest.  Flax rope has proved popular for making handles. Uses have ranged from wicker baskets and eco friendly coffins to commercial packing crates.




Curtain tie-backs

We can make curtain-tie backs to any length you need. This one is made from 6mm Jute with a monkey's fist knot which slips through an eye-splice in the other end of the rope. You can attach them to the wall or just loop them around the curtain.


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