Rose Swags

Many of our customers buy natural fibre rope from us to create rose swags in their gardens.  So we have lots of experience in helping people to choose the right rope for the job and the correct lengths for it to hang nicely.  Here 32mm Manila is strung between 4 inch posts.



Coir Rope Border

Coir rope makes a great raised bed for a garden border. One of the benefits of using rope is that it is easy to create curves as well as straight edges. Two lengths of 96mm Coir have been laid on top of one another here in our garden, and secured with steel pegs. This border has been in place for about 3 years and has weathered very well.



Decking Ropes

24mm Manila was used to create rope and post swags around the decking at Barnsdale Gardens. We stock Manila in various sizes and we're happy to talk through your ideas and help decide what size will best suit your decking.




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Suggested uses of natural-fibre rope
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